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What is a Spin Spot?

Spin Spot is an apparatus used by dancers and dance educators that focuses on the basic technique.   Finding one's center, balance, turnout, and spotting.  The apparatus allows the user to pin point each mode of technique while spinning in a continuous motion and staying stationary.

Spin Spot can be used with three different methods: Two Feet Method, Flat Method, and Releve' Method.


Why Spin Spot?

The Spin Spot harnesses physics and uses centrifugal force to create an understanding of "true center:.  Because the apparatus stays in one spot while turning the  user is forced to be completely centered from head to toe in order to stay on the apparatus.  The Spin Spot, in conjunction with a ballet barre or teacher assisted, is also the #1 apparatus to learn basic spotting. The device spins the user, while they focus on proper alignment and spotting within that alignment. The Spin Spot is also a great unit to perfect the dancer's balance. If the dancer is not centered on the spot, it will move and cause one to step down.  The Spin Spot's design also allows a dancer to work on their turnout, rotating from the hip and requiring the muscles to work to hold that turnout.  Lastly, the Spin Spot's slim form lets the dancer to center of the ball of the foot to engage in releve' to elevate the flat-footed turn.


History of the Spin Spot

The Spin Spot was created by dance teacher, competition adjudicator, and physics enthusiast Angela Pineda-Kyle.   She wanted to find something to aid dancers after watching so many struggle in their turns during a season of judging at multiple dance competitions.  The dancers were traveling in their turns, spinning on a flat foot, and not spotting properly.  The idea was born after watching a cake slip off a lazy susan when it wasn't properly centered.  A spinning disc would allow a dancer to each proper spotting.  She was able to keep her hands on the students' shoulder to deter them from cranking their neck, or twisting their shoulders while learning to spot.  she also discovered the disc, that she would later become the Spin Spot, helped to perfect balance as well as work a dancer's turnout.  The Spin Spot was the first turning apparatus of its kind and has proven to be the most beneficial with it's streamlined and low to the floor design, along with its ability to stay stationary.

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