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Q) How long will it take to get my Spin Spot?

A) Your Spin Spot will usually arrive within 2-4 weeks after your order has been placed.


Q) My Spin Spot makes a funny, rumbly noise and/or pops when I stand on it, is it broken?

A) Your Spin Spot is fine! There are metal ball bearings in the metal disc part of the unit. They make noise when the Spin Spot moves, and generally they are very loud. As far as the pop noise, it is normal for some units to have this issue. Your Spin Spot is not broken and will work perfectly.


Q) How is the Spin Spot packaged?

A) If you ordered online your order will arrive in a padded envelope with a cardboard liner around the Spin Spot and the user guide. 


Q) My Spin Spot isn't turning as well as when it was new, what can I do?

A) To keep your Spin Spot in Spin Spot shape, hold the unit vertically. Use WD-40 with the straw attachment. Wedge the straw between the wood and metal sections. Spray one time only and twist the unit back and forth to coat the ball bearings.


Q) My foam has small holes and/or the edges have slightly jagged edges, why?

A) The top is just that - Foam and foam is basically bubbles. Some pop during production of the foam. It does not change the ability of the unit to work. The "feathering" of the edges is due to the cutting blade. The "feathers" will wear away over time and use.



Your Spin Spot comes with a 1 year mechanical warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered.

Do not stand or poke with your fingers the bottom of the Spin Spot. The bottom has our logo sticker on it. IF you do accidentally stand or poke a hole in the foam the 1 year warranty is void.


The foam will show wear after the first use, much like a dance shoe. To keep it looking as nice as possible, clean the foam top and bottom with a Lysol or Clorox wipe. It is best to be barefoot, sock foot, or with a ballet or pirouette shoe. Jazz shoes are fine, but do not use sneakers, boots, or regular shoes on the Spin Spot, it will tear the foam.



Assembled and shipped from Puyallup WA, USA

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